Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pinpoint?

Pinpoint is a wellness company that assesses employee health and then works closely with these employees to uncover their health risks and the behavior creating these risks.  Once this is understood, Pinpoint provides ongoing follow-up and wellness tools so employees can improve their health and avoid costly procedures, future health complications, and the need for medications. . . thus saving money.

What does Pinpoint do to get employees engaged in controlling their health?

Good question.  People who do not understand their health situation are less likely to get the care they need or adhere to self-care regimens.    

We have found when healthcare professionals talk to individuals about their risk factors and how to manage them, there is a greater chance people will take control of their health and habits.  To engage employees in the management of their own health, Pinpoint takes a personal approach:

 First we consult with an employer to design a program that fits their culture and demographics. 

 Then we bring the doctor’s office to your staff. . .on your time, during your company’s work shifts. 

We conduct onsite health and wellness screenings where our Registered Nurses meet one-on-one with each employee to discover and discuss early indicators of potential and existing health risk factors based on the following:

Body mass index    Blood pressure       Cholesterol             Glucose                   HDL

How does Pinpoint KEEP employees engaged?

Pinpoint’s one-on-one counseling sessions reinforce with employees that they must take ownership of their health and wellness.  We also stress the need for continuing education and awareness, which is accomplished through scheduled follow-ups and our web-based interactive tool, KBA’s Key Care Guide.  The KCG was developed and is continually maintained by NurturHealthTM in connection with the Duke University medical staff.

Health information gained from the wellness screening is entered into the Key Care Guide for each individual.  At will. . .or based on requirements of the wellness program designed by the employer. . .employees access the KCG to use the tools and training particular to their own health risks.  And that access is available 24-7-365.

Can Pinpoint save your company money?
Healthier employees make for a more productive workplace with reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism.  Also, most health care costs result from high risk individuals.  And most high risk individuals began as low risk.  Wellness programs like Pinpoint. . .that identify and work with low risk individuals. . .have proven to yield an average ROI between 2:1 to 7:1 for every dollar spent ! ! !

How do you get started?

To schedule an appointment or speak with us about this program, use the Contact Us page on this website.