Creative Solutions

At Key Benefit Administrators we pride ourselves in our creativity.  We work to transform complex the current health care system...into a product that's affordable and simple to understand and use.  We are all about providing our customers with custom-fit benefits to suit their individual needs and resources while making it easy to do business with us.    

With our vast portfolio of products, including our Controlled Healthcare Budget and American Health Data Institute’s (AHDI) patented data warehouse and targeted utilization management, we can transform your current benefit structure.  Whether you are a small or large group, our creative solutions and valued partnerships will significantly impact the bottom line of your healthcare expenditures. 

KBA and its affiliated companies are here to help you with your complex healthcare concerns. 


Affordable Care Act not affordable?

Need a creative solution?

KBA has the answer!



Some Other Creative Solutions...Be Amazed and Enjoy

Best illustration we've seen of a super simple explanation of a complex piece of technology:

Amazing new glasses helping the blind to see:



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