KBA's proven flexible benefit solutions . . .

. . . help you and your employees control costs.

Our Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, and Health Savings Accounts let your

employees be better consumers of healthcare while creating tax savings for both employee and company.


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With our FSA, HRA, and HSA spending account options,
participants can . . .
Pay for eligible expenses with pre-tax dollars

Lower the taxes taken out of their pay

Increase their cash for medical spending


Employees can also use a spending account to get reimbursed for these eligible expenses . . . 

Healthcare expenses

Dependent care expenses

Work-related parking and transit costs



Here's some helpful Information Related to Flexible Spending Benefits . . .

For participants who already have an FSA, HRA, or HSA with Key Benefits . . .

You can review your account information at mywealthcareonline.com

Visit the FSA Store. . .or see their banner below. . .for FSA information and specials: 

> Access a listing of thousands of FSA Eligible Items

> Find, review, and book FSA Eligible Services

> Get answers to your FSA questions at the FSA Store's Learning Center

And if you need frequently accessed FlexPro documents, here they are:

> Employee Online Procedures
> FSA Claim Form
> Claim Procedures
> Frequently Asked Questions
> What Items Are FSA Eligible?
> How Flex Works
> Dependent/Spouse Flex Card Request Form
> HRA Claim Form
> Over-the-Counter Product Listing - current since 2011
> State of Indiana Retirement Benefits Claim Form
> State of Indiana Retiree Direct Deposit Form

For employers with a FlexPro plan. . . or interested in learning more . . .

View Give Yourself a Raise illustrating the benefits of flexible spending accounts.

Visit the Special Interest Group website to read about the IRS's standards for IIAS (inventory information approval system) needed for debit cards. 
Also read the SIGIS publications page to for other helpful information: 

> IIAS merchants
> The 90% rule

 A current list of IIAS merchants

For frequently used FlexPro documents for employers:

> Contact Us Information
Employee Status Change Form
FSA Enrollment Form
FSA Dependent/Spouse Flex Card Replacement
HRA Dependent/Spouse Flex Card Replacement
FSA Eligible Expenses and Items